Apple iPhone 5: A Day Late & A Dollar Short

I was pondering the latest news on how successful* the Samsung Galaxy S III has been in the few weeks it was been out and wondering if Apple made a mistake by not releasing their new iteration of their iPhone in the summer months like they usually have done in the past (minus iPhone 4S).

It seems there are a lot of people that were iPhone users jumping ship to Android and/or buying the Galaxy S III because they are either really impressed by Samsung's new phone or they are just sick of waiting for the new iPhone or they just really want a new phone.

I personally feel as though Apple should have released their new iPhone in July. I feel like they are losing out on a lot of prospective customers by releasing it in the Fall. To be frank, iOS 6 looks really long in the tooth and needs a refresh and the mock-up of the alleged iPhone 5 isn't what I hoped/dreamed for.

To conclude, I truly hope Apple doesn't let us down with the new iPhone.

*10 million Galaxy S III sold so far.