Lonely Hearts: - Male, Mid-Twenties; Seeks Gaming PC for fun and long walks, maybe more....

So I'm going to build a PC, and contrary to my original intention I'm going to have to spend money.

Lot's of money probably. But if you've read the accounts of certain Polygon regulars [you know who you are] PC gaming doesn't need to have you breaking the bank and running yourself into debt.

As much as I know about gaming, there are some things I'm so confused by in the realm of PC's, despite the infinite wealth of information I can find on the net, I quickly stumble at the first hurdle as people throw so many stats, numbers, and serial numbers at me.

I know I'm not the only one who finds PC construction a daunting thing, so perhaps we could use this thread to help myself and others come around to getting past the difficulties of building great machines. Feel free to contribute your ideas and construction tips!


About me: Obviously, this is a cry for help from myself, I'd love to be able to play more PC games. But I have two main constraints - 1) I dont have a lot of money, perhaps a spare £150 each month - but I like conserving cash and 2) most components mean nothing to me...

So to get me started - Whats the best motherboard I can get without reaking the bank? I like the ideas of those mATX boards, but do they sacrifice power for size? Or, well, is power even an issue? If you can help, I'd love to hear from you.


So I bought the Eurogamer recommended ASRock H61m motherboard this morning. Seemed like a reasonably good deal for the price. Will be a week or so until I can get another component, most likely the case. Another question I've found - Is there a significant noticeable advantage to having 8GB of RAM, as apparently its now about the same price as the 4GB in the Eurogamer article - though, that would mean now buying 4GB would save me £15.