Everyone's expecting Amazon to launch a Kindle Fire successor soon — the company needs a refreshed model to compete with Google's new Nexus 7 — but apparently the company has much bigger things planned than one new model. President of US retail for Staples Demos Parneros told Reuters that Amazon is set to introduce five or six new tablet SKUs, with at least one of those models sporting a 10-inch screen. It's not clear yet whether these will all be distinctly different models; it wouldn't surprise us if several of these SKUs were merely different storage capacities for the new Kindle Fire models.

There's also no word on when these products might launch, though we'd expect the new Kindle Fire lineup to be ready for consumers to buy in advance of the holiday season. Parneros didn't have anything ot say about a possible Amazon smartphone either, but we expect Amazon will drop some details on its mobile strategy before long. Of course, we'll need to wait and see whether Parneros' information is accurate — it's possible that some of these SKUs represent traditional Kindle e-readers. Even if Amazon doesn't introduce this many new Kindle Fire SKUs, it certainly wouldn't surprise us to see that 10-inch rumor come true.