Solution to Android piracy

With all the news about Dead Trigger going free because of piracy I fely I should give you all my views on what Google can do to help stop piracy.

The main thing they can do is let people buy a Play store giftcard at their local store. I have had android devices for a year and a half and i havn't bought any apps because I am a high school student and don't have a credit card. Meanwhile in that same amount of time I have spent around $50 on iOS apps because i can just go and buy an iTunes gift card.

When I bought my Nexus 7 it came with a $25 play store gift card and I have already decided what I am buying (Chameleon) and will go from there. I really want to support the devs but I can't. Google has shows that they can make Play Store gift cards so why can't they just make physical versions of them. I know if I could go get a $25 play store card I would defiantly buy a lot more apps and maybe a movie. But as it is if I want to pay for an app it goes on my iPad