Proview Getting Sued by Their Own Lawyers

According to Engadget, Proview, who sued Apple over a technicality on the iPad trademark in mainland China is now being sued by their own lawyers. Proview had previously been told by Hong Kong courts that they had already lost all rights to the iPad trademark by selling it to Apple, but later claimed that the subsidiary that sold the trademark to iPad did not actually hold the rights to the trademark for mainland China. Apparently, Proview used an outside firm who took the case against Apple as an opportunity to land a big paycheck as a 4% fee of an suspected Apple settlement. Apple eventually settled for $60 million to make the lawsuit go away even though they had already purchased the trademark for iPad once before from Proview. However, Proview is in the midst of bankruptcy and the lawyers were under the impression that their agreement with Proview as that they would be paid first since they were fighting to win money to pay back the other creditors. The $60M settlement does not even cover Proview's outstanding debt. Now that Proview has their $60M from Apple, they have yet to issue a check to the lawyers and those lawyers are now suing Proview. One has to ask.... who is going to defend Proview in this lawsuit?