Convince Me, Right Now on PC Gaming.

Seriously, I want you convince me on it. All the pros, all the cons, I want to here it.

I've been gone for a while (thank you work) and I have a influx of cash on hand. Right now I have the ability to purchase a new machine. I'm a huge Mac user (work) and was more than likely going to update myself to the new MacBook Pros with Retina display. I've since decided to hold off because my current model is still fine for the things I need it to do and I now have a iPad to take care of my on the job duties.

So I came to the decision that I could

A) Buy another MacBook - Which is where I'm leaning

B) Buy a beefed up iMac for stationary purposes

C) Take the plunge and get a gaming rig

The reason I'm asking is because, one I'm not a wiz when it comes to computers. Also I've been a Mac user for the last 7 years and going back to windows will be sort of like learning the systems again. Not a huge deal, but still. There is also the issue with components, drivers, specs, and so forth.. which to be honest I don't know jack about.

I have been debating trying PC gaming out for a while now, mostly because I hear so much about how awesome it is, and it's the best. Which is still debated on. But for the faithful I want you to convince me why should I spend my money on it. Sell me on it. If this was a retail space and you got a commission off the sale do it.

Some of the advantages people talk about don't really seem like and advantage to me.

Mind you I have a open mind and will consider what you say. And might ask you many questions, because this is like buying a car for me.

So help a brotha out, also I have $3500 to blow, so I guess my first question would be to build me a PC or what would you build? Also what is the real difference between buying one pre-built against building it yourself (note I wouldn't build my own myself, I would have a friend do the labor)? This would also be strictly a gaming machine, I wouldn't use it for work or anything. I do all my work on Macs