5 reasons why i still prefer Chrome over IE10

I'm using Windows 8 DP/CP quite a Long time now and i'm very pleased with the whole experience (the music app preview is garbage though). But with Chrome i experienced some Trouble running on Windows 8. It constantly crashed on Youtube or when i had too many Tabs open. Also the Tabs showed up Buggy when i had an app in the side-view and jumped back to Fullscreen.
So i was forced to use IE10.
Suprisingly, it's quite good and i got used to it now. I use it as my main browser on my Windows 8 machine right now but there are still a few things that'll keep me from using it as soon as Google updates Chrome for Windows 8.

For some reason, IE10 Forces me to give my Bookmark names. This sounds a bit weird, but i want my toolbar nameless with Icons only. It's probably a bit silly, but this is a must-have on a browser for me. I'm talking about this Qroue_medium E3q6e_medium
I'll be happy to give my Bookmark names (or not delelte the Default Name) if there is an "Show only Icons" Option.

#2 Plugins
I got the Feeling that IE in General has a big lack of Quality Plugins. I Need only 3 Basic plugins which i couldn't find on IE10:
- AdBlock which also deletes the empty space (in CSS words: "Display:None" (chrome), instead of "visibility:hidden" (IE10))
- Youtube Unblocker/ GrooveShark Unblocker - some Proxy Magic to give me full Access to YouTube and Grooveshark even though i live in Germany with the crappiest Music "Operator". There are a whole bunch more which i'd like to use but they are not as vital for me.

#3 Interface/Design
The wasted space above the Tabs really bug me. Chrome does this a lot better:
7ukp8_medium Jujmu_medium
Also the Settings and everything. Who the hell uses the "home button" and the settings-menu really is a pain. They GOT TO adapt the simplicity of the metro-Settings pages to IE10.

#4 weird behaviour
Drag&Drop on imgur does not work. I rewrote this whole post because the preview-pop-up got blocked and the whole text was lost after i allowed it.
I bet there are a lot of other "bugs". I just opened the Developer Toolbar (f12) on this page and it messed up all of The Verge: Potbs_medium

#5 Search-Token
I use the search-thing in Chrome very extensively. I type [y] + [space] + [the verge] into the adress-bar and it searches "the verge" on YouTube. Same with Wikipedia, different Blogs, Amazon ect. I can define the abbriviations for search-pages which is an awesome Thing. I still havent found a way to do this in IE10.

If this stuff gets fixed, i'll be on IE10 as soon as Windows 8 Final hits my machines.

What to you guys think? Are there Solutions to my Points yet? Are you using IE10 as a daily Driver?