I want to buy 1080p mkv files


I'm quite picky when it comes to how I like to view my media. TV shows, movies, and the like - I like to watch them all on my laptop with the WiFi off. Firstly to save battery, and secondly to eliminate reliance on a streaming signal. I've tried downloading from iTunes, but their servers don't give me download bandwidth equal to my connection's max speed.

Even when stuff does get downloaded (from iTunes), I encounter problems. Once, my entire laptop froze halfway through a rental. I had to hard reboot it, and then the iTunes rental was gone. I've tried Amazon Instant Video as well, but the hi def isn't consistent, nor is it as hi def as I would like at full buffer.

I've downloaded a few distros of Linux on usenet, and I firmly believe it is the best distribution model there is. I've downloaded some Linux using BitTorrent as well, but it's not as quick as usenet.

What I'm Getting at Here

I'm considering starting a service. It will start as a website and then become an app for Mac, Windows, and Linux. It will offer reasonably priced downloads of any file type for TV shows and movies - and possibly music in the future. I think the best model is one in which the users can either pay a small fee to the content creators directly (maybe $0.70 for an HD TV show and $5 for an HD movie) or choose to donate any amount (with a minimum charge for each category).

I really just want the option to pay a reasonable amount for video files. $20 for a digital HD download is too much. My hope is that if this new model existed, people would actually want to pay for content, and the proceeds would go to the people who made the content, not the content distributors looking for inordinate profits.

Would anyone else consider using this model? Does it exist somewhere already? Do you think it would encourage a shift away from piracy?