Trying to save CD's, need advice

I'm moving my music into the cloud, and part of that process is ripping several hundred CD's to my netbook. I have 2 external CD drives and its mostly working, despite looking a little ridiculous. The problem I have is I can't find decent software for ripping CD's.

Windows Media player can read from both CD drives at once (the bottleneck is in the usb2, not the processor or storage, interestingly enough) , but it saves this horrible low res artwork, and replacing it is an enormous pain in the ass. Also, every ten albums or so, it saves all the data in what appears to be korean, despite my system language being English, me being physically located in Canada and the last occurrence was on a French album (m83 if you're curious). It doesn't seem to have any error correction, so a few of my songs have CD skips permanently saved to outer space. While it usually gets guest artists right, it isn't consistent with weather it uses 'Artist' or 'Album Artist', and so sometimes, my albums get split in two.

iTunes is retarded. While it saves nice high-res album artwork, it saves the wrong album cover about 30% of the time. It also saves artist in the dumbest way possible; for example it reads "Our Lady Peace feat. Elvin Jones" as an entirely separate artist from both OLP and Elvin Jones, and then displays any tracks with guest artists as entirely different albums. It can only save from one CD at a time, but error correction seems to work, so that's nice.

Realplayer (do people still use this?) makes me click to look up album and track names, and inconsistently saves rather meh artwork. screw this.

Anyway, I could spend all night fighting with WMP or iTunes, or I could just ask all of you's! Is there any software to save CDs that doesn't suck? I'm on win8 RP, and I want to save 320kbs mp3s with artwork in the 500-1000px range.