Best DLNA/Allshare-type app for Nexus 7?

I opted to buy the 8GB Nexus 7 because even a 32GB Nexus 7 would not offer enough space for my media library on my PC, about 100GB of which are home videos, weddings, birthdays, trips etc and another 100GB or so of movies, music videos, tv shows etc, so i figured i would have to stream more often than not anyways.

Music is already all on Google Music.

Comics are in my Dropbox.

What is the best app/method to stream my videos from my Macbook/PC to the Nexus 7, whether on a local network (most probable use case scenario), or not. I used to use the Allshare DLNA app on my Galaxy S2, which offers the basic functionality I need, any equivalent or superior both in terms of ease of use and polish?