Versus! The Game is On!

Looks like it's still on...but the lack of information is still somewhat disappointing. I really hope S-E start to step up a little and really put some more details together about the game, but perhaps that is coming soon due to the anniversary and upcoming game conferences.

I was wrong, and I'm glad about it. It's not cancelled, but my thoughts on the considering cancelling it, still stand to an extent. At this point, I have no idea what it is really supposed to be or what to expect. I am purely attached to it because it is a Final Fantasy game, and that's really not a good thing.

It'll likely be a swansong for this generation of consoles, with the next generation surely being put front and center next year.

I'd hazard a guess at a 2014 release, maybe Q3-Q4 for a Western release of the game. So there is still plenty to go, and that means plenty can change too. But with it still be somewhat of an unknown quantity, I'd be none the wiser to the changes regardless of how critical they are.

Come on S-E, tell us a little more.