Microsoft is reportedly planning to lift Windows RT licensing restrictions in January, opening up the new operating system to additional OEMs for ARM-based tablets. China Times reports that the software giant has been working with a variety of chipmakers and OEMs in what has previously been reported as a way to limit variations based on specific partnerships. Nvidia is said to have picked Asus and Lenovo for Windows RT, while Texas Instruments has partnered with Toshiba and Qualcomm with HP and Samsung.

The restrictions will reportedly be lifted in January, making way for some momentum around Windows RT tablets. Samsung and Dell are both rumored to be preparing Windows RT-based tablets, but only Asus and Microsoft itself have committed to devices. HP has opted out of building an ARM-based Windows 8 tablet and HTC was reportedly denied the ability to create one, at least initially. Coupled with the licensing costs for Windows RT, which are reportedly as high as $85 per device, it's no surprise that Windows RT tablets will be limited at launch. If the latest reports are accurate then expect to see the bulk of Windows RT tablets at the Consumer Electronics Show next year.