Windows RT Mini-Boxes


With the launch partner arrangements for Windows RT rumoured to end in January, how long do you think it will be before we start seeing $200 RT boxes the size of a VESA mount being strapped to the back of TVs and monitors?

There is potential here for MS to revolutionise re-imagine the nature of the standard terminal. With Office in tow, a Windows RT box has the power to replace the majority of computers in business. The same hardware with a selection of peripherals would be able to provide a media solution for consumers.

Of course you've all heard the rumblings of an 'X-Box Lite' coming in 2013, could it be here sooner than we think.. just in a slightly different form than we might have expected?


What I'm getting at here is that Windows RT is only ever mentioned in connection with a tablet (and occasionally as a laptop). No one said it has to end there. Attach an RT device to any screen, add an appropriate input device, and hey presto you've got a gaming station or a work station. Let's also not forget the devices charm in Windows and what part a Windows RT box could play in that. SmartGlass? I don't necessarily want a full X-Box for every screen I might use, but I would like every screen to be capable of being an extension of the device in my hand.

As much fun as it is to consider our entertainment whims, it would be shortsighted not to also think of the impact that low-cost computing has on the developing world. Where previously a netbook was the lowest feasible target (niche projects aside), it is now possible push the bar to entry even lower on genuine mainstream computing.

I think we're yet to see the full extent of how the new Windows hardware ecosystem works. We've been given many pieces of the puzzle, teasers, but we know they are holding out on all the details.


Gamepad icon from The Noun Project