WTF Microsoft? Not letting me install Zune on Windows 8

You won't let me install zune because my pc needs .Net framework 3.5. And you won't let me install .Net framework 3.5 because my pc already has framework 4.0? what the actual f*ck ? The only thing I can do is let zune download whatever it needs and install the damn thing. The problem is I'm in college and they have proxy settings in place. Thanks to the AMAZING proxy management in Windows 7/8, zune installer is not even detecting internet connection leaving me with no options but to stare at the dam pc and curse MS. Honestly it's things like these that make me want to jump ship and live a hassle free life in Apple ecosystem. I need to upgrade my Windows Phone's software and I cant even do that. Bravo MS for not providing OTA software updates and making your smartphone platform insanely dependent on Zune.