Fantastical: A Bargain of a Calendar?



*This post was originally on Apple Core, but since the thread seemed too inactive, I decided to post this here as well in case anyone else can contribute. :))

I'll try not to keep this too long, so here it goes. It appears that the people behind Fantastical have this back-to-school promotion, meaning that it there is a 50% discount on the application at the moment, both on their website and on the Mac App Store. I have always been on the fence when it came to Fantastical, even though countless Apple blogs have already recommended it. It was for two reasons:

1. Fantastical is simply a shell for other calendar apps. Yes, its language parser seems unbelievably convenient, and I really like how calendar events can be created as easily as a Quicksilver/Alfred command, but the app is still dependent on other calendar applications. It seems less likely it can get additional features than the ones provided by the apps Fantastical is dependent on.

2. It comes with quite the price tag. For $20, this calendar 'shell' ain't cheap. Lifehacker famously stated that Fantastical is overpriced, even though they have showered praise for its usability. This is especially the case when other free alternatives, such as iCal, Calendar, and the Google Calendar Web App already exist.

Now Fantastical is 50% off, and I am curious as to how the Mac users here think about the application. Is it the best thing to happen to calendars on OS X, or is it an overrated product that dares to slap a double figure price tag? I am asking for answers to two questions:

1. Do you love Fantastical enough to recommend it to other users, particularly at its discounted price?

2. If Yes? Which version should I get: from the website, or the Mac App Store? If No, what is your alternative setup?

Hopefully, I can get a decent number of answers before the promotion ends (Does anyone know for how much longer the promotion will be up?). Is Fantastical worth this humble user's money?