Selling my Sony VAIO T Series for Surface Pro—good idea?

This week I'm getting my Sony VAIO T Series (SVT13118FXS) and now I'm hesitating whether or not to keep it; I got this laptop as a gift so I cannot return it.


I'm a college student and I've always wanted a tablet with pen/ink input which is why I never really bought an iPad—yes there's tons of styli for the iPad but it wasn't never meant to be used with a stylus. Now there's the Surface (which of course, there's no launch day as of today), plus the Onenote Metro-styled app is EXACTLY what I have been craving for taking notes on my classes; bye-bye pen and paper!!!

Would you sell a Sony VAIO T series for the Surface Pro?

Here's my issue though; the Surface Pro is expected to launch three months after Windows 8 debuts (October 26) and that means 2013. That's a whole semester wasted for me—if I don't use my Sony VAIO and keep it brand new. If, however, I use my laptop and then decide to sell it as used/like new — how much would the price go down?

Even if the Surface Pro wasn't delayed; would you sell this VAIO for the Surface? Is it a smart move?