Where Microsoft is heading with metro

I recently watched the video 'Microsoft Future Vision'. It's from 2011 and it shows how Microsoft wants the future to look like.

Productivity Future Vision (2011) (via officevideos)

What I noticed was how metro was everywhere. And frankly, it looked even more beautiful than it does today in Windows 8, Windows Phone 7/8 etc.

Here's an example:


This "Future Windows Phone" really blew my mind! I think this is the direction Microsoft is heading. I'm more convinced about this now with the new start screen for Windows Phone 7.8/8. Soon all the black spaces between the tiles will be gone and it will look more and more like this. If you watch the whole video you will see that pretty much everything is metro and it is beautiful. I want a future like this!

Note: I wrote this using Chrome because I can't make posts using IE9. Anyone have the same issue? And sorry if my grammar isn't the best, I'm a 14 year old Swede.