Lytro's light field camera is certainly one of the more creative photograph tools we've seen in recent years, but so far Mac users have been the only ones able to process its unique photos. That all changes today — Lytro just released desktop software for Windows so Microsoft users can now download and process images from the camera. Due to Lytro's proprietary file format which lets users shift focus after the image has been taken, standard photo-processing software is useless — having a Windows app opens up a whole new market of potential buyers.

Make sure you check the minimum specs before rushing out and buying a Lytro, though — users are required to be running Windows 7 (64-bit edition), have at least a Core 2 Duo processor and 2GB of RAM, and have DirectX 10 installed. If you meet those requirements, feel free to get a taste of the Lytro's take on the future of photography. As an extra bonus, the company is offering free shipping this week for those jumping on board.