Help BreadKnight choose a gaming laptop!

I had previously decided but then like the crafty consumer(Read: Impatient) I am, I decided to keep looking and wouldn't you know it I stumbled upon a bunch more that are arguably better, but hey! I could ask ya'll for a little input couldn't I? Lets go! (Disclaimer, I'm not going to get a desktop for gaming...I have no where to put it I assure you)

Option 1(currently winning):



Pretty snazzy, and the 17.3 inch size is a big plus for me, because bigger is better for me (U.S.A! U.S.A!) And I'm pretty sure the GTX660m is relatively new.

Option 2:



I've heard tell from some that the GTX 570M is a better overall graphics card then the 660M but my uncertainty on this laptop mostly stems from the size (Curse you 15.6 inches!) and the processor possibly not able to do the "Turbo Boost" thing that up's the CPU power when it needs it(At least it doesn't say it does in the details like all the other laptops I've seen)

Option 3:



This was the laptop I was going to get, with it's Blu Ray player inside and 3-D capabilities(though to be fair I don't give a crap about 3-D) but the GTX 560m in the face of these other options seems like to big of a step back when I can always just play the one Blu-Ray movie I own on my PS3.

Anywho, those are the options! Hey PC people! Opinions? Facts? Not telling me to get a desktop? Cookies?