The Nexus Q is now available from Google Play, with the digital storefront estimating that orders placed today will ship between three to five business days. If you've read our review of the $299 streaming media player, you'll know that we were rather underwhelmed with Google's first self-made product for the living room thanks to its limited functionality, video playback issues, and the clunky Android app that you'll be controlling the device with. Still, there's no denying that this matte black orb will be among the more eye-catching components in your home theater setup, and it remains to be seen where Google will take the Nexus Q with future updates. If you're of the early adopter mindset or merely want a closer look at the Made in the USA social streamer, you can place your order at the source below. Just make sure you've got an Android smartphone or tablet to go along with it, otherwise you won't be doing much with the Q other than staring at that mesmerizing LED ring.