Theory: The Reason Tim Cook Continues to Call Apple TV "a hobby"

It's January 2013.

Invites for an Apple event went out two weeks ago, mirroring the launch of the iPad three years ago. Everyone has their own theories, but most people agree that at this event, Apple will unveil the first television set.

Tim Cook steps out on stage. He runs the usual numbers, how great the new iPhone has done since it's launch 3 months ago, how much money they've made, etc., etc.

Finally, Cook gets to the main event. "Apple TV has always been a hobby for us, but in recent years, sales have continued to climb higher and higher with every quarter." he says. "It's time Apple TV stops being a hobby. Introducing the new Apple TV."



Okay, I know it's small, and just for an intro. But that would be an awesome intro. And probably much more well-written by Apple than what I just wrote.

But what do I know? For all we know this event will never happen.