Looking for a new backpack for my Macbook


I'm looking for a new laptop bag. I currently use a crappy over-the-shoulder 13" laptop bag that just can't fit all my stuff without some kind of Dr. Who tech.

Preferably I'd like to try a backpack. I suddenly realized that, after slugging a timbuk2 messenger bag for the past 4 years I am, one, not a bike messenger and that two, carrying a bag on one shoulder eventually hurts no matter the specific layout.

I hate to say it but I'm looking for some pointers towards some kind of magic bag that's tough, light, stylish and can fit all my gear.

Being a Techie to the core I have a heck of a lot of gear to fit in my bag. This will the fist time I've trying out a backpack since a over-packing related screen break in '05.

I plan on switching to a 15" Macbook Pro Retina in the next 6 months as the Air just doesn't have the horsepower for my kind of use. So I'd like to use a 15" bag with some kind of foam insert to allow my current Macbook Air fit securely while I wait for work to come through with some extra upgrade money.

So here's the bare minimum of gear my laptop bag needs to fit:

Macbook Air 13" - Mid 2011 in Incase Neoprene Case

iPad Gen.3 in Smart Case

Nexus 7 in cheap Expansys Gel Case

Kindle Touch in cheap Expansys Gel Case

Galaxy S III in Otterbox Commuter Case

Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation Pro 6000mAh

Assorted cables, memory cards/keys and adapters.

Travel, car and flight adapters for my laptop and USB chargers

Depending on my travel arrangements , another Mophie-style battery pack and an Airport Express.

So, I'm interested in what suggestions people may have...