I absolutely hate the direction trackpads are going

When it comes to trackpads, I HATE the direction we are going. Why the hell do they all have to be 3, 4 inches, without two discrete buttons?! This is the optimal trackpad design: Wp000057h_medium

via img690.imageshack.us

Why do I prefer 2 inch trachpads with a scroll region and 2 discrete buttons?
First of all, I do not need to lift my hand to scroll down the page. I do not need to lift it AT ALL, I can turn my finger around in circles to continue scrolling, or I can simply hit both buttons at the same time to auto-scroll.
As you can see in the above picture, I can use my computer with one hand, allowing me to scroll, click, and use the bottom row of keys, without needing to lift my hand. This is extremely important to me, as I like to keep my computer clean, thus when I am eating or fapping using the other hand, it doesn't even need to come up to the computer.
So please, do not make small touchpads with discrete buttons and scroll regions disappear! In the sub 13 inch class of laptops I prefer, you either get big touchpad with no buttons (aka, MacBook air like), or small touchpad with the buttons on the side (aka, netbook like).
So guys, what do you think? Do you prefer small touchpads with scroll regions and discrete buttons like me?