Apple needs to keep suing to protect its mobile business (from AC)

Response to an: Opinion piece from Android Central

The reality is that Samsung is eating everyone's lunch, even other Android OEMs. I'm not even a fan of Samsung phones because of how cheap they feel but there is little any of the other OEMs can do against the might that is Sammy. Even if another OEM were to come up with a novel idea at this point, Samsung could copy it just like they did with S-Voice. They are also way ahead in screen tech and their scale allows them to churn out new products at an insane rate.

Apple needs to sue. They admitted that their iPhone sales weren't what they wanted them to be at in Q2. There is almost nothing Apple can do now to get a leg up on Samsung when the Android ecosystem is as strong as Apple's now. Without a judge stopping Samsung from using Apple's idea, Samsung can just pull the best from iOS and Android but also beat everyone else to market with those ideas.