Windows 8 Multi-Monitor and Touch

Something has just crossed my mind, and I believe it to be a possible massively overlooked problem in Windows 8. I'm wondering if any of you might know the answer to my question. I've done quite a bit of research, but have come up with no real answer.

I often am required to connect my laptop to an external display or projector and I use it as a secondary monitor. I extend the desktop onto the external display to show a video, while keeping a music player or other windows and folders that I'll need later on my main screen to avoid clutter on the display that everyone else is looking at. Of course, if I do this on a Windows 8 tablet, which I fully plan to purchase, only one of those screens - the main display - will be a touch screen.

So here's my question: how does Microsoft allow you to interact with a secondary monitor when extending your desktop and using a touch-only system? On a laptop this isn't an issue, since the keyboard and trackpad are built-in, but this is a problem on tablets. Is there some way to maybe temporarily show the secondary display on your touch screen, similar to picture-in-picture on a TV (or maybe a gesture that temporarily shows the second display on your touch screen), so you can actually use it, or are Microsoft basically forcing you to buy and connect a mouse and keyboard? It would seem to me that the forced connection of a mouse for certain simple tasks like using a second monitor really defeats the purpose of a touch-optimized operating system. Sure, all Windows 8 tablets are required to have a USB port, so connecting the accessory wouldn't be a problem, and tablets like the Surface even have an add-on keyboard and trackpad for convenience, which is great. I'll likely be using the physical keyboard much more often than I use the software keyboard. But what if you're not someone who wants to carry all of those accessories with you, or if you accidentally leave your Touch Cover at home? You'd be using Windows with touch only, and wouldn't be able to interact with your secondary monitor. Plus, being forced to carry a mouse with you everywhere really takes away a lot of the convenience that tablets offer. One of the reasons they're so appealing to me is because of the lack of required accessories. You can do pretty much anything you want without the need for a physical keyboard and mouse. But when you're using a tablet both as your main PC and as a touchscreen tablet, does this convenience disappear?

I'm aware that Windows 8 has new keyboard shortcuts for moving Metro apps across monitors, but even that has problems. I'd most likely be using desktop programs rather than Metro apps, so do these shortcuts still apply while on the desktop? And even if they do, you would still be required to attach something to the computer. You wouldn't necessarily need to use a mouse, but a keyboard would still be required to type the shortcut on.

Unfortunately, I haven't had the luxury of using Windows 8 on a touch device yet, so I am unable to investigate this on my own. Have Microsoft even realized or addressed this problem? Am I really going to have to carry around a mouse in my bag when I buy my Surface? Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!