What Defines a Great Smart TV app?

A plethora of amazing apps are available for Android phone and iPhone users to enjoy. As we know, 3D alone does not lure people to go out and buy a 3D TV mainly for that feature. This leads to the improvement and emerging popularity of Smart TVs.

It is assumed by many; as it has been initiated by huge TV companies (LG, Sony, Samsung, etc) that a successful Smart TV is heavily dependent on the number of useful and cool apps that can be downloaded from the app stores of Smart TVs. This idea is largely based on the success of smartphone and its ecosystem spearheaded by Apple.

Thus, do you have a Smart TV/Google TV?

If yes, why?

If no, why not?

For those who don’t have a smart TV, can a handful of great, useful, and cool Smart TV apps make you buy a Google TV/Smart TV?

Are you willing to spend few bucks to purchase an app in case you have a Smart/Google TV?

Any thoughts on this matter?