UK Sony NSZ-GS7 Google TV is useless out of the box

I was very excited yesterday. Got home to find the Sony NSZ-GS7 Google TV sitting on my table. Nice.
Then the reality set in once I had it hooked up. It is nothing more than a glorfied browser. The reasons:

  • There is no media player - it says "coming soon".
  • There is no BBC iPayer.
  • No 4OD.
  • No Netflix.

It refused to play any networked media without downloading something from Play but the choice is next to useless. I cannot use Plex as my media comes from a Iomega Homed Media Drive which is nothing more than a NAS box.

How could they launch this without the promised apps being available from Play? Do they want people to return them to Sony? The distribution centre is 8 miles down the road...I might take it back personally and throw it at them at this rate.