LOL is this how updates are supposed to go?

I got a notification for an update on Windows Phone. Great, I thought, I'll get upgraded to Tango. Plug it in to my computer, I see it updates to 7740 (not Tango, a Mango build). Woah, why is it not updating to the latest I say to myself. Then it finishes the update and says another update is available. Build 8107, not Tango either. I LOL, is it gonna do this for every update. Then it goes through, I'm going through 8112 now. Still not Tango.

Is this what's supposed to happen? Focus Flash on AT&T by the way. So stupid to have to flash a slightly different ROMs several times. This really can't be normal, or else it's the stupidest update method in the history of updates.

If it makes a difference I did plug it into my computer with Zune on guest mode (reinstalled Windows 7 and didn't connect my phone to my computer in months), don't think that should make a difference though.