A lot of us are pretty attached to our multi-level file systems, but Information Architect director and founder Oliver Reichenstein says most people, even so-called "geeks," can't handle multiple levels of folder structures — it actually hinders workflow. Instead, as he explained in a recent interview with The Verge, design should be both minimalistic and intuitive.

"Thinking about how to deal with files prevents me from working. And this annoys me."

In a thorough and occasionally funny blog post on iA's site, Reichenstein explains how Mountain Lion's new one level file system fits the bill, with a new Document Library that associates files with their respective apps, and iCloud's ability to sync documents on multiple platforms. To Reichenstein, this means no more searching for files by extension, no more dragging documents to organize, and no more saving multiple versions of a file, thanks to the Versions feature. For his full case against the traditional folder-in-folder system, check out the full post at the source link below.