Safari 6.0 doesn't want me to read news

Hello citizens of the Internet,
Today I updated to Safari 6.0. It is faster and doesn't crash as much, but I was very unpleasantly surprised to see that the RSS function was completely removed. I just can't open my feeds anymore. To understand how bad this is, you have to know that I balance my news between Twitter and RSS - the 'breaking' stuff is on Twitter and the longer, feature-like content comes from the RSS. I loved Safari's Really Simple Syndication because it keeps all my feeds in the bookmark bar, updates them every 30 minutes and then it shows the number of new stories next to the name of the site. That way I could keep up with 10+ sites without have to franticly refresh the homepage. The best part was that it was all within the browser. This is now gone. Please recommend me a similar way through which I could keep up with my news. I do not want it to be another app that I have to open. I want it to be as minimalistic and simple as possible. Can I use Growl with some application that pushes the news from the RSS as they appear? Is there any solution?