The Apple and Larry Page

Thanks to Larry Page and his company, I learned about The Apple who, although never having achieved the same fame, belong right there with their great contemporaries. Their only released album "An Apple A Day" (1969), is a magnificent compilation of the finest varieties of rock&roll, psychedelic rock, and r&b. Some similarities are noticeable with other bands working with Page One Records, most notably The Kinks, but also with The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and The Who. My personal favourites from The Apple currently are The Otherside, Buffalo Billycan, and Doctor Rock.

I thought I should share my serendipitous discovery with others, so I am posting it here, along with links to some of the scanty web resources about The Apple.


Dennis Regan: Vocals
Robbo Ingram: Lead Guitar
Jeff Harrod: Bass Guitar
Charlie Barber: Piano
Dave Brassington: Drums