Apple's Podcasts app for iOS hasn't been one of the company's best-received pieces of software — questionable interface aside, the app came with plenty of bugs, making users questions why they should use it over alternate solutions. Fortunately, Apple has heeded complaints and just pushed out a new version to the iTunes App Store. Probably of most importance are "significant improvements to performance and stability," though Apple also tweaked some more specific sections in the app, as well. The app now remembers custom playback speeds when moving on to new episodes, and there's finally a badge in the podcast library showing the number of unplayed episodes. There's also a fix for a problem which found the "subscribe" button to be inactive, and artwork for the "top stations" section now appears more reliably. While there aren't any major new features here, we're hoping that these bug fixes make this app work a lot better than it did before — the concept certainly has potential, despite the continued presence of some truly questionable design decisions.

Thanks, albooher!