How Mountain Lion Made Me Fall in Love with Apple Again.

I have a strage relationship with Apple. I use all of their products, yet think they are getting sluggish at times. Then later, I think they are working on something magnificent while we all have the illusion that they are out of ideas. I don't know. One thing I do know: OS X 10.8 has renewed my love for Apple.

It's the little things, and the big things. Little enhancements like the new dock are the type of things that get me all excited over nothing. I thought the old one looked good, but this one is much more clean and fresh. It almost looks futuristic. There's just something about small UI enhancements that always get me worked up.

Then there's some of the relatively larger features like Reminders, Notification Center, Notes, Messages, Safari 6.0, all tied up with iCloud synchronization. It just all works so well. Not to mention the incoming iMessage enhancements with iOS 6 that will make the experience on the other end so much better. Your email and phone number will be tied together, so that other users won't get messages from a random email address that somehow knows the conversation your having with the person in the other thread.

Everything just works together, and it works well.

Not to mention how fast it is! I'm a 2009 Macbook user. Not A Macbook Pro, just a Macbook. You know, the plastic white things. It actually has a pretty modern 4GB of RAM, but I was seeing pinwheel way to many times a day. I would watch as the Chrome logo bounced 23 times before launching. Now? 3 bounces. I've actually abandoned Chrome and moved on to the zippy Safari 6.0. This isn't your Grandma's Safari.

There are also other things like Twitter, and the soon-coming Facebook integration. I can't put my finger on it, but it just feels more personal. Not just the social networks, all of the new features. It just feels like the OS is my personal assistant, that can keep up with everything I'm doing regardless of my device.

An OS like this refuels the passion I used to have for Apple. I still don't think iOS is where is should be, but something like this makes me feel like Apple knows where it's going.