good/Firefox-busting extensions for Safari 6.0

I've used Firefox on OS X for as long as I can remember, occasionally tried Chrome and Safari but always come back to FF for the extensions, bookmarks manager and RSS folders. But having upgraded to Mountain Lion, I'd like to try my luck with Safari 6.0. So two questions, the second being a bit particular:

1) What are your favourite Safari extensions - those compatible with v6? I realise there's an older thread on this already, but I thought it might be worth resuscitating, given new interest in the browser.

2) I want to replicate Safari *some* of the functionality I get from FF extensions. Have installed AdBlock, 1Password and unsocialize. Ninjakit for userscripts, as an alternative to Greasemonkey. Safari Keyword Search to use keywords for bookmarks AND searches. Middle-click auto-scroll (built into FF) here. RSS can't be done. Any extensions to do the following?

- Tab pinning? Or even better, anything like Easy App Tabs?
- Sharing pages quickly to Facebook? Like Firefox Share
- Save a page to Instapaper, like Instasaver
- Middle-click/cmd+click to open tabs from bookmark folders menus without the menus closing, like Stay-Open Menu? Niche, but quite a time-saver when opening lots of tabs (but not the whole folder)
- Opening multiple links in new tabs, like Snap Links Plus.
- Find as you type - allowing you to navigate and open links with that text, as in Firefox

I realise these are niche functions, but wanted to see if I was missing obvious solutions...