Apple and Dishonest Marketing

Update: I know how this post is a little nit-picky and how the difference in millimetres is negligible after all. This is also probably a bad, myopic example, but I'd still like to talk about it. My whole point in writing this article is state how companies are willing to distort the littlest things when it comes to specifications just to make things look better. Apple's not the only one - Microsoft, Asus, Samsung have probably done something like this too.

Before anyone calls me an Apple hater, let me just make it clear that I'm a big Apple fan and I do own a couple of Apple products, but the reason I'm writing this is because I feel irked by some practices made by Apple are dishonest.

Let me go straight to the point by pointing out an image Apple showed during WWDC 2012:

It's a picture of the Retina MBP compared to that of the Air


After seeing this shot, Apple gave me the impression that the Retina MBP is almost as thin as the Air (a better shot would show that the Air is a hair thinner than the Retina MBP, so the MBP is still thicker).

However, when the press started to put them side by side, they proved otherwise - the Air was actually thicker than the Retina MBP.


Air (left), Retina MBP (right)


Retina MBP (left), Air (right)

So, what made it different?

If you look closely, you will realise that the Air is missing something:


MBA from Apple's point of view



Where did that rubber feet come from? But Apple's pictures didn't have it!

I don't hate the rubber feet (it provides better cooling anyways), but I had the perception that the MBA as low as the one denoted in the official picture, which could lead to an arguably better typing experience. I was proven wrong.

This brings me to the point of Apple's dishonesty when it comes to marketing. Apple is willing to bend the truth to improve brand perception and subsequently sell more devices to consumers by hiding their flaws. Just because the average consumer cannot tell the difference, it's not fair for Apple to distort the real product implicitly. This may also be the main selling point of Apple haters who claim that people are easily fooled by Apple's marketing tactics to purchase their products. In the end, everyone's still happy with their Apple products, but I couldn't help but to think of how they've fooled us all.