Kayak is one of the biggest names for all things travel, and as such its iOS app is widely used by those looking for flight and hotel deals. The company's making the app a bit more user-friendly with an update that rolls out today — the biggest change is that users can now book travel directly within the app. Once you find something you want to book, Kayak opens the airline, hotel, or travel agency site right in the app for yo to complete your purchase. There's also iCloud-powered autofill for your contact and payment information that syncs across multiple iOS devices, and Kayak added car rentals to its app — so now you can book all components of a trip right from the app. While this might not be as exciting an update as, say, the new version of Tiny Wings, it should be useful for those who rely on Kayak's app. The update isn't live just yet, but it should be available soon.