When Gaming becomes Your Real World Instinct

Has anyone had a moment or reaction in the real, where their absolute instinct is one from a game. Perhaps a reminder. A moment. Wanting to say a line? That kind of thing?

The other morning I awoke, saw seagulls from out of the window and thought "SNOW HARPIES! DON'T LET THEM DRAG YOU OFF!" [in the voice of my Pawn from Dragon's Dogma]

Another incident ..

I had a marathon session of playing Halo ODST a while back and think i even finished it this particular night. I needed to go to the supermarket and it was getting dark. I saw someone further down the street and the glow of them on their phone, to which my brain processed this as a sticky grenade.

One step better was wandering around Tesco and hearing the bip...bip...bip of cashiers scanning items, to which my instinct informed me my health was running low.

Also, in these last few actual summer days we've had here, whenever anyone has mentioned the heat or the glorious day, I may have mischievously said "Praise the sun". Just because. ;)

So..any of your own? :)