Google Fiber TV: What do you want from it?

So Google announced its fiber internet service in Kansas City today, and along with it, announced that it would be bringing a new TV service to subscribers.

It sounds like Google may be trying to redifine TV in a way that so many of us have been asking for, for a number of years now. So with this new service, what are the things you want to see from Fiber TV?

Announced features include:

  • 1TB of cloud storage
  • 500 hours of HD DVR
  • 8-channel simultaneous recording
  • Social network integration and sharing
Some things that I really want to see:
  • UI based around my stuff:
    • Ability to "follow" shows and friends, so that I can instantly see when new epsidoes of shows I am following are up, and see shows that my friends are watching
  • Universal search:
    • Have the ability to search for shows, and they come up no matter what service they are being delivered trough (i.e. directly through the TV or DVR, or on a channel's website, or on Netflix, Hulu, etc.)

What is everyone else clamoring for out of an internet/TV service?