Browser > Chrome

Am I the only one who feels this way? I've had a Galaxy Nexus since launch day, its currently running CM10. My tf300 is also on CM10 as of today, and with both ICS and JB I've given plenty of usage to both the stock Browser app as well as Chrome. It seems like everyone talks about Chrome like its the best browser ever, but I can't help but disagree. Here's why:

-Chrome's bookmark syncing is nice, but the interface is extremely clunky and ugly.

-No Flash support. Not that I like Flash, but you still pretty much have to have it.

-Worst of all, its extremely laggy and choppy. I mean, if you wait for a page to load fully before touching the screen its not bad, but Browser is noticeably smoother. I was hoping Project Butter would do away with this lag, and while it certainly made noticeable improvements for Browser, Chrome is still choppy and laggy as ever.

Now, that's not to say Browser is without fault. I really wish the top navbar was persistent on tablets, for example, and Chrome does often render pages more accurately. But as of 4.1.1, I feel like Browser is still the king.

Am I alone in this opinion?