Motorola has announced it "finally found a solution" that will let users unlock the bootloader of their Android device while simultaneously addressing carrier concerns about network security. The first product to take advantage of the yet-to-be detailed method will be the Photon Q 4G LTE, announced earlier today and set to arrive on Sprint in August. It's worth noting that the SIM card inside the Photon Q is non-removeable, a hardware feature that might be playing some role in Motorola's unlocking solution. Other products will be able to take advantage of the option "in the future," though unfortunately it's not clear whether that includes existing devices or only upcoming hardware.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the company earlier this month confirmed that the bootloader on another recent handset, the Atrix HD, would be locked down in order to "meet requirements." Clearly negotiating such matters with carriers continues to be a challenge, but we should know more about what Motorola has come up with soon.