A few weeks ago, it seemed like Amazon might have cracked a solution to offering some customers same-day delivery, a service that could potentially devastate smaller competitors. However, Amazon's CFO Tom Szkutak refuted that thought process on today's Q2 earnings call. When asked directly about the possibility of offering same-day delivery, Szkutak hedged a bit, saying that "we're always trying to get closer to customers... That's not new, it's been something we've been doing for years." However, he then freely offered that "we don't see a way to do same-day delivery on a broad scale economically." That's as close to a flat-out "no" on same-day delivery as we've ever seen from Amazon, so we're not going to be holding our breath for that to change anytime soon. It seems like we'll have to make do with the $3.99 per item overnight shipping that Amazon Prime offers for now.