I've got a major problem and I need some help (updated)


Life's bad. We're talking "the only food I found to eat when I woke up was a can of mandarin oranges" bad. I've mentioned my health difficulties before. I might have mentioned that these made it rather difficult to find a job somewhere. I might also have mentioned that my Dad lost his job. Today, when I got home from work (which, for various reasons, won't be giving me a paycheck until the end of August),

I'm not interested in begging for money. What I am interested in is trying to earn more.

One alternative I have is to make an indie game. I'm not hoping for Braid or Minecraft levels of saturation--just a small game people find fun and enough, maybe, to help support my parents in their time of need.

A while ago, I'd begun work on a game with a friend--she's since gotten a job and doesn't have time to help anymore. The basic idea was simple--it's a bit like Risk, but without some of the problems inherent to risk, and with a bit more variability built in. I think, with some focused work, it could be turned around in a fairly short time.

The only reason I haven't made it myself is because my school's game design department imploded last semester--this fall, I've only got access to ONE of the courses in the degree, and it's a mo-cap course (which no one in the program has ever done before, and they're going to try). As a result, I wasn't able to take programming stuff last semester, as I'd hoped.

Is there anybody with a remotely decent level of programming knowledge that would like to assist in the development of a small game for a reasonable split (60/40 you/me or something)?

Anyone seriously interested in discussing this can get ahold of me on Steam (DocSeuss), AIM (eponymoused), or Skype (tseliot86). I can show you the doc I had, explain what the original idea was, and stuff like that.

You'd be saving my bacon.