Dealing with Paid Apps and Free Google Accts

I've maintained a paid Apps account for some time (sole proprietor, use a custom domain). The struggle, vis a vis new Google services/labs/toys, is they tend to be rolled out to the paid Apps people slowly, if at all. I get the reasons for this, but waiting literally years for Voice was real annoying (I just found out today that it was finally available through my paid Apps acct, but it means surrendering my old number, near as I can tell -- a sub-optimal solution).

So I go back and forth with moving back to my gmail account (which has extra storage I can easily buy, unlike paid Apps), a fact exacerbated by realizing (learning?) Google Now does not work with paid Apps (even figuring out what I can use is annoying).

Are there any good forums or blogs that address these issues regularly? Has anyone else bumped into the same problems and have a decent advice?

The biggest impediment to moving back to gmail is my email archive (I was only 4GB from my 25GB limit when I decided to dump a lot of archived emails I wanted to keep) and somewhat contact transferring (I zeroed out all my contacts because I log in to both accounts on my devices -- Nexus S and 7 -- and dupes were a hassle) and the nominal protection of 'owning' (paying) for the service.