Will Windows 8 work well on these specs?

I've recently acquired a Dell Dimension 5150 (well, it's not definitely mine yet but it hopefully soon will be) with these specs:

Intel Pentium 4 processor, 1GB of RAM (though I may upgrade this) and some rubbish graphics card - I don't know all the specs though as I've barely had chance to use it.

I know that even if it does support Windows 8, it won't be very fast. So is it worth putting Windows 8 on there? It currently runs XP, but since that's going out of support soon-ish the other option would probably be to put Ubuntu on it. I'm a big Microsoft fan, but none of their products seem to work well on it if Windows 8 won't so I may have to resort to Linux.

So, is it worth putting Windows 8 on it?