New mac malware - new dangers?

So since I couldn't find an article on the verge about it anywhere, I decided to try and put together a post. On what it perhaps means, and the potential implications of it.

As we all know, OSx has gotten a certain rise in popularity over the past few years, it's also attached to a more affluent section of the population in general, and I would garner a guess, that most people with Osx store their CC details on it as well. In part due to the easy of using the mac app store and itunes.

As it is, it makes sense, for malware to finally start getting a lot nastier on Osx, and it seems we're already seeing just this.

Recently a new nasty malware trojan showed up.

Researchers have unearthed new malware that turns a Mac into a remote spying platform that is able to intercept e-mail and instant-message communications. The malware uses internal microphones and cameras to spy on people in the vicinity of the OS X machine.

Backdoor.OSX.Morcut, as antivirus provider Kaspersky Lab is calling it, isn't circulating widely, but its complexity is the latest testament to the growing sophistication of malware targeting the Apple platform. It requires no administrative password to be installed, survives reboots, and targets a wide variety of applications including Skype, Adium, and MSN Messenger.

"In short, if this malware managed to infect your Mac computer it could learn an awful lot about you, and potentially steal information which could read your private messages and conversations, and open your e-mail and other online accounts," according to a separate analysis published Thursday by antivirus firm Sophos.

Morcut, which also goes by the moniker Crisis, was found by researchers from Mac antivirus provider Intego on Virus Total, a website researchers and end users use to share and catalog malicious code samples. So far, there are no reports of it circulating in the wild or being actively used in malware campaigns. It appears to trick users into installing it by masquerading as an Adobe Flash installer.

It joins the ranks of other recently discovered Mac software threats, including the rogue antivirus app Mac Defender, the Flashback backdoor that infected at least 650,000 machines, and two pieces of espionage malware targeting Chinese dissidents.

The latest reports of Morcut came as Apple nixed a variety of security flaws in its Safari browser.

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I really don't want to get into an argument on how apple is more secure or less secure than windows currently. We all know that due to a number of factors, it's less likely you will get infected using OSx than windows. But all this new malware does make one thing actually.

Is it possible that Apple will get hit by the same XP wakeup call that Microsoft was hit roughly a decade ago. Or will apple by able to stop that from happening ahead of time.