Ouya - Advantage over Phone?

I like where Ouya is headed! I have one curiosity question, though. The hardware specifications are not much more than current Android phones (in fact, other than lack of HDMI, the Galaxy S III hardware is superior). By early 2013 (the release date) I suspect there will be several Android phones on the market with superior hardware stats. That, mixed with the openness of Ouya's product/ecosystem, makes me wonder what will keep people from buying Ouya controllers and simply using their phone as their game station hooked up to TV? As more games are written for Ouya, more and more Android phones will include HDMI. Regardless of Ouya, people are going to buy their $200-$300 phone anyway and always have it in their pocket. Can't people just spend $30 on a Ouya controller (or $15 once the knock-off brands are introduced) and utilize their phone (I assume the controller is just bluetooth) connected to a TV?

What is going to make people spend another $100 on (what will be) sub-par hardware and something extra to carry around? Since everything is open, it will take less than a week for Ouya's entire environment (SDK, app store, etc.) to be running on Android phones. I realize $99 is cheaper than these nice phones, but more and more people are buying the nice phones anyway...they don't need both devices (given the reasons stated above).

What am I missing? This definitely adds to the fragmentation issue with yet another app store. Will pressure force Ouya to also come pre-loaded with Google Play and Amazon App Store (and even if it doesn't - everybody will load it themselves)? Ultimately Ouya will be competing with streaming video set-top boxes - is Ouya being designed from the ground up with that in mind (not just games)?

Like I said, I love the idea of the ecosystem and enhanced gaming API's they are talking about here, but all of that will ultimately be available on Android phones with equal or better hardware specs (just buy a cheap Ouya controller) - why will I buy Ouya's game station?