What I want (expect?) from WP8? -Improved social integration

Quite a bit of functionality coming in WP8 has already been revealed. So far I'm satisfied with what's coming. But this should not be all. There must be more consumer level features. Here are a few social features I want them to improve in the OS and they can be easily.

One, better messaging experience. I love the current messaging experience in WP 7.x. The interface, like rest of the OS, is really nice. Every time I look at android's messaging app's UI, I die a little inside. Ability to chat with facebook contacts on windows phone is amazing. The fact that you can send your facebook friends messages even when they are offline makes it a great messaging experience. One thing I want them to do is either add new social services to the messaging hub or allow developers to integrate them themselves. For instance how about adding the option to chat via Skype, MSN, whatsapp and other services straight from Messaging hub. If Microsoft cannot allow the access to developers for some reason, it can implement the first two very easily as it owns both services. Just add a settings option in messaging hub to change online status and you are good. This will improve the already brilliant social integration.

Next is the ability to call your skype, MSN, whatsapp friends straight from People/Call hub. Option to have your skype, MSN contacts in people hub will be real nice. You should be able to change online status of these services too so that you appear online to your contacts and can receive calls/messages in real time just like facebook messages. This will go a long way in ensuring WPs supremacy in Social integration department considering iOS is starting to catch up. And this shouldn't be a hard task either as Microsoft owns both Skype and MSN.

Finally, I feel the Me hub needs to be updated in WP8. I prefer Me hub for my social notifications as it is far more reliable than live tiles and also allows me to reply to the notifications without launching any apps. They can make the experience even better by allowing third party apps' notifications to appear in Me hub like they are doing with the start screen. This will also eliminate the need for a separate notification centre. Why add a notification centre when you already have something so great?