SSD/HDD Combo - A question on installation

So I received my 128GB OCZ solid state drive from Newegg, and I've been doing a bit of preliminary research on the installation process (the classic "Windows/ select programs/select games on SSD, everything else on HDD" setup), and I'm getting some mixed messages here. Apparently a lot of people have complications with things saving on both drives, things not saving where they want them to, etc...

After I install the physical drive and install Windows 7 Pro 64-bit, is it sufficient to go into "audit mode" and adjust the files paths as indicated in this post on bit-tech forums, or will I need to go in and perform a regedit? Or are neither of these correct?

Any help (or perhaps a step-by-step guide to successfully installing and setting up an SSD/HDD system, but I don't expect anyone to be that ambitious) would be greatly appreciated.