Reversed comment order

Reverse the order of comments on articles to show newest comments at the top instead of oldest. YouTube and many other popular sites have been doing this for a long time already.

  • As an article accumulates comments, they become exponentially less likely to be read; people are less likely to scroll farther and farther down to read newer comments, all while the article itself is aging.
  • The first few commenters almost always get carpet-bombed by people who disagree with them inevitably causing comment wars based on the first comment of LITERALLY EVERY ARTICLE (seriously--look at any article on the front page). This, combined with the lack of delete/edit buttons (I won't get into that one; I've learned to choose my battles), could leave you with hundreds of angry nerds spitting caps-locked insults at you for days.
  • Live-updating comments are essentially useless as they keep spawning at the bottom, forcing you to continue scrolling to read new comments. (The Verge's liveblog streams already work with reversed post order, and it really makes a difference.)
  • Worst of all, it encourages firsting*, the virulent, Satanic behavior of exploiting the opportunity of having your advertisement/Dropbox referral link/inside joke/mindless drivel/"first!!!!!" permanently affixed to the end of an article until the very end of time itself.
I've lost track of the number of times I've refrained from writing an intelligent, educated comment on an article for no other reason than "No one is going to scroll all the way down through 300 comments on a news article."

*For all the perverted dweebs out there, please note this says "FIRSTing" not "FISTing"