Airparrot is cashing in on Apple leaving legacy users behind. Conspiracy theories?

I've read the stories about how you have to have sandy bridge to run airplay mirroring. I guess it makes sense, until, I used Airparrot. These guys should be jumping up and down regarding apples abandonment of legacy users with this feature. I waited until my mid 2010 imac was officially shafted, and bought in. It is a little stuttery at times, but the signal is high def and honestly is pretty damn good. The problem is that if Airparrot can figure it out, why can't Apple. I know they are dicks about legacy users in the past several years. My processor usage never goes above 50% with airparrot going at 1920 x 1080 content to the ATV3. The back of the imac doesn't even get hot. So, whats your conspiracy theory as to why we didn't even get a reach around?

I can't tell you how pissed i was upon reading that my 2011 MacPro didn't make the cut, but mac mini did.